Best Strategy to Captivate Your Audience

As a musician, I have learned that feeling is the most important thing when creating and performing music. What does feeling mean in practical terms?

It’s almost an irony trying to explain it, but simply put, you use the tools available to you to spark emotion in other people.

That’s it. For me, those tools are my saxophone skills. For you, it could be speaking. Anything that can interact with other people.

But how do you achieve that?

The most important thing is to feel something for yourself first (and this is the hardest thing, actually).

It could be any emotion or feeling. And the stronger it is inside you, the better. That will push you in your creative endeavor.

Imagine a person who is showing no signs of emotions. Imagine him to be the perfect investor who can decide in seconds, looking at some complicated graphs, whether to buy or sell. He has developed his abilities to perfection and is a very valuable person in his industry.

But now imagine his daily life. If he developed only his abilities to be precise and fast like a robot… he is boring, and his life is boring. Even his family members find it hard to talk to him. Why?

Because he is not showing any kinds of emotions and feelings.

To feel is a beautiful thing. But it turns out a lot of us are becoming more numb, striving to be cooler and “successful.” We could end up being like the investor but without his valuable analytical skills—just some boring people.

We need to know how to express our feelings and showcase our emotions. This would be the fuel to create content that is interesting and sparks emotions for the person watching or reading it.

And also, life becomes more interesting. It’s like you are adding color to yourself. Imagine that if you lack any emotion, people around you perceive you in black and white. You speak in the same patterns, and you move in the same way. Nothing surprising. Everyone can predict your next word or move.

But when you start expressing your excitement, for example, you add some color to yourself. You are no longer just the gray picture. Becoming more expressive makes you more colorful, and others are willing to listen to you, hang out with you, etc.

And imagine how your content will change for the better! People would love to see what you are showing them because they want some “color” in their life.

Everything we do is because we strive to feel a certain way. We are chasing interesting experiences.

And being a creator is the best way to fulfill that need in others. After you start giving more freedom to your spontaneous side and cherish every strong emotion you feel, you would be able to “feel” the content you are making. Be grateful even for your unpleasant emotions. And observe them. If you are able, also showcase them right away.

They say that getting mad is a bad thing. But it’s far worse to be indifferent. The same applies to the feeling you get when you fail at something. Most people fear failure just because being embarrassed is a very strong feeling. But that’s great. It’s far better to experience that than being bored and in the same mood your whole life! Don’t be afraid of the mechanisms inside you. Embrace them!

That way, you will become more experienced and more certified to help others get better at feeling. That’s it!

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