Journey in the musical realm – an easy how-to No. 1

The first step – just listen. You have some device on which you can listen to music. It doesn’t matter if the sound quality is great, average, or bad. Just start listening to music that you like and experiment from time to time with music that is new to you. Some styles are not your favorite but you will gain a lot of musical culture if you listen to different styles.

And when you listen always listen as a music producer, as a composer. Imagine you are a designer who seeks to find new inspiration for his work in everything around him – from nature to concrete. It’s the same with music – you are the future designer of a musical masterpiece and you should seek all inspiration you can in the dimension of sound. It’s a separate world just like the one we live in. And every producer before you has built something and you can learn from it – whether it is good or bad. You should listen to every single instrument you can hear. Try to separate in your mind the different instruments and listen to them carefully. In the beginning, it would be very hard, but your ears will learn over time to separate tracks from one another.

Then when you listen listen listen and you like some melody, some bass line, some synth, some solo… Try to sing it, if you can’t sing, try to imitate it with “nana” and if you want you can whistle it. The most important thing here is to engrain sounds in your mind. And over time you will use them combine them and evolve them to make something unique and new, your style. But don’t rush, for now listen and sing.

While doing that also think about the structure of the songs you like. What and when repeats and is there some cycle the artist is following? When a new part starts is it completely different or do some sounds remain the same or change just a bit? What do you like about the structure and what you don’t?

Listen to music and always remind yourself to listen carefully and deeply. When you don’t listen that way it’s better to give your ears a rest. Don’t listen to music just for fun. Always be an observer of sound. You are in the realm of sound and it’s your duty to document everything worth the title “good stuff”. If you are used to listen music when you do sports or shower or do some cleaning etc. look out for how it makes you feel and why. What is the thing that makes you feel more energetic or sad? Examine carefully every detail that plays with your emotions.

Listen listen listen

Learn more about that with me Vosimo

The sole purpose of this blog is to help me and you give the world more of the gift of good music. I’ve always struggled to find musicians willing to cooperate on exciting projects and we will create a community for us to end that. Freedom of expression awaits everyone who joins the club 🙂

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